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Burger King Menu Prices

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Burger King Menu Prices List




Main Menu

Combo Meals Come with Small Fries and Small Drink. ?Upgrade to medium for $0.69 or $1.20
Whopper   $4.19
Whopper – Meal   $6.49
Double Whopper   $5.29
Double Whopper – Meal   $7.59
Bacon & Cheese Whopper   $5.19
Bacon & Cheese Whopper – Meal   $7.49
A1 Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger   $6.29
A1 Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger – Meal   $8.59
Whopper Jr.   $2.19
Whopper Jr. – Meal   $5.29
Big King   $3.89
Big King – Meal   $6.39
Extra Long Cheeseburger (Limited Time)   $3.99
Extra Long Cheeseburger – Meal (Limited Time)   $6.29
Original Chicken Sandwich   $4.09
Original Chicken Sandwich – Meal   $6.49
Tendercrisp Chicken Sandwich   $4.99
Tendercrisp Chicken Sandwich – Meal   $7.49
Tendergrill Chicken Sandwich   $4.99
Tendergrill Chicken Sandwich – Meal   $7.49
Chicken Nuggets – Meal 10 Pc. $5.99
Chicken or Buffalo Chicken Fries (Limited Time)   $2.99
Chicken or Buffalo Chicken Fries – Meal (Limited Time)   $5.59
Big Fish Sandwich   $3.99
Big Fish Sandwich – Meal   $6.39
Flame Grilled Chicken Burger (Limited Time)   $3.89
Flame Grilled Chicken Burger – Meal (Limited Time)   $5.99
A1 Smoky Bacon Tendercrisp or Tendergrill (Limited Time)   $5.99
A1 Smoky Bacon Tendercrisp or Tendergrill – Meal (Limited Time)   $8.49

Value Menu

Bacon Cheeseburger   $1.49
Bacon Double Cheeseburger   $2.29
Bacon Cheeseburger Deluxe   $1.69
Double Cheeseburger   $1.69
French Fries Value $1.39
Onion Rings Value $1.39
Fountain Drink 16 oz. $1.29
Icee 12 oz. $1.19
Hamburger   $1.00
Cheeseburger   $1.00
Crispy Chicken Jr.   $1.00
Spicy Crispy Chicken Jr.   $1.00
Rodeo Crispy Chicken   $1.00
Rodeo Burger   $1.00
Chicken Nuggets 4 Pc. $1.19
Cookies 2 Pc. $1.00
Soft Serve (Cup or Cone)   $1.00
Apple Pie   $1.49
Hershey’s Sundae Pie   $1.69


Chicken Nuggets 10 Pc. $2.99
Chicken Nuggets 20 Pc. $4.99
Onion Rings Small $1.79
Onion Rings Medium $2.19
Onion Rings Large $2.39
French Fries Small $1.79
French Fries

Medium $2.19
French Fries Large $2.39

Salads & More

Garden Grilled Chicken Salad   $5.59
Bacon Cheddar Ranch Chicken Salad (Crispy or Grilled)   $6.19
Side Salad (Garden)   $1.99
MorningStar Veggie Burger   $3.29
MorningStar Veggie Burger – Meal   $5.49


Sundae (Caramel or Chocolate Fudge)   $1.59
Chocolate Chip Cookies 4 Pc. $2.00
Soft Serve (Cone or Cup)   $1.00
Cinnamon Roll 1 Pc. $1.59
Cinnamon Rolls 2 Pc. $2.89
French Toast Sticks 3 Pc. $1.00
French Toast Sticks 5 Pc. $1.99
Dutch Apple Pie   $1.49
Hershey’s Sundae Pie   $1.79
Reese Peanut Butter Cup Pie (Limited Time)   $1.79
Pie Made with Snickers (Limited Time)   $1.89
Hand-Spun Shakes (Vanilla, Strawberry, or Chocolate) Small $2.49
Hand-Spun Shakes (Vanilla, Strawberry, or Chocolate) Medium $3.09
Hand-Spun Shakes (Vanilla, Strawberry, or Chocolate) Large $3.59
Oreo or Red Velvet Shake (Limited Time) Small $2.49
Oreo or Red Velvet Shake (Limited Time) Medium $3.09
Oreo or Red Velvet Shake (Limited Time) Large $3.59

Coffees & Iced Teas

Smooth Roast Coffee Small $1.00
Smooth Roast Coffee Medium $1.59
Smooth Roast Coffee Large $1.79
Smooth Roast Iced Coffee (Plain or Vanilla) Small $1.89
Smooth Roast Iced Coffee (Plain or Vanilla) Medium $2.39
Smooth Roast Iced Coffee (Plain or Vanilla) Large $2.89
Iced Tea (Sweet or Unsweetened) Small $1.79
Iced Tea (Sweet or Unsweetened)

Medium $2.09
Iced Tea (Sweet or Unsweetened) Large $2.39


Fountain Drink Small $1.79
Fountain Drink Medium $2.09
Fountain Drink Large $2.39
Orange Juice   $1.69
Apple Juice   $1.29
Bottled Water   $1.09
Icee Small $1.19
Icee Medium $1.59
Icee Large $2.09

Real Fruit Smoothies & Frappes

Frappes (Mocha or Caramel) Small $2.59
Frappes (Mocha or Caramel) Medium $3.09
Frappes (Mocha or Caramel) Large $3.59
Smoothies (Strawberry Banana or Tropical Mango) Small $2.49
Smoothies (Strawberry Banana or Tropical Mango) Medium $2.99
Smoothies (Strawberry Banana or Tropical Mango) Large $3.49

Kids Menu

Includes Side, Drink & Treat
Hamburger – Meal   $3.99
Cheeseburger – Meal   $3.99
Double Cheeseburger – Meal   $4.99
Chicken Nuggets – Meal 4 Pc. $3.99
Chicken Nuggets – Meal 6 Pc. $4.99

Breakfast Kids Menu

Maple Flavor Oatmeal, Milk & Apple Slices   $4.49

Breakfast Combos Meals

Meals Include Small Hash Browns and Small Coffee. Upgrade to medium for $0.69 or larger for $1.00
Croissan’wich with Egg & Cheese with Sausage, Bacon, or Ham   $2.99
Croissan’wich with Egg & Cheese with Sausage, Bacon, or Ham – Meal   $4.79
King Croissan’wich with Double Sausage, Ham & Sausage or Bacon & Sausage   $3.69
King Croissan’wich with Double Sausage, Ham & Sausage or Bacon & Sausage – Meal   $5.59
Fully Loaded Croissan’wich   $4.29
Fully Loaded Croissan’wich – Meal   $6.19
Two Croissan’wich – Meal   $5.99
Muffin Sandwich with Egg & Cheese with Sausage, Bacon, or Ham   $2.99
Muffin Sandwich with Egg & Cheese with Sausage, Bacon, or Ham – Meal   $4.79
Biscuit Sandwich with Egg & Cheese with Sausage, Bacon, or Ham   $2.99
Biscuit Sandwich with Egg & Cheese with Sausage, Bacon, or Ham – Meal   $4.79
2 Sausage Burrito   $2.38
2 Sausage Burritos – Meal   $4.39
French Toast Sticks 5 Pc. $1.99
French Toast Sticks – Meal 5 Pc. $3.99
Maple Flavor Oatmeal – Meal   $3.99
Two Cinnamon Rolls   $2.89
Two Cinnamon Rolls – Meal   $3.89
Bacon, Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit (Limited Time)   $3.69
Bacon, Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit – Meal (Limited Time)   $5.59
Hash Brown Burrito (Limited Time)   $1.19
Hash Brown Burrito – Meal (Limited Time)   $4.38

Breakfast Platters

Ultimate Breakfast Platter   $4.89
Pancake & Sausage Platter   $3.69

Breakfast Oatmeal

Fruit Topped Maple Flavor   $1.99
Original   $1.99

Breakfast Value Menu

Sausage Burrito   $1.19
Sausage Biscuit   $1.00
Sausage & Cheese Muffin Sandwich   $1.19
French Toast Sticks

3 Pc. $1.00
Milk (Fat Free or Low-Fat Chocolate)   $1.49
Hash Browns Small $1.00
Hash Browns Medium $1.69
Hash Browns Large $1.89

About Burger King

Given the fierce competition from both fast-food goliaths and upscale burger joints, Burger King’s claims to serve the best burger are, to put it mildly, ambitious.

However, the network of better-burger eateries more than lives up to its boast in many aspects, especially considering that Burger King prices are affordable. Due to the excellent quality of the burgers, you will receive the best value for your money.

Most of the menu items are reasonably priced, as you can see from the Burger King menu prices above. Burger King is very competitive with its pricing compared to the rest of the fast food industry.


👉Keith Kramer and Matthew Burns started the Insta-Burger restaurant in 1953 in Jacksonville, Florida.

👉They began franchising in 1959, and later that year, two franchise owners, James McLamore and David Edgerton, bought the entire restaurant business.

👉They rebranded the chain Burger King and increased its locations to over 250. They had even reached other nations by 1963.

👉It changed hands once more in 1967 when Pillsbury purchased the chain. The restaurants’ menus were enlarged and standardized under the new ownership.

👉More fresh restaurant concepts were introduced when Pillsbury joined Grand Metropolitan in 1989, followed by TPG Capital in 200, and with that new leadership.

👉Only a few years after the company’s an advertising and menu were updated in 2006, its present owners, 3G Capital Brazil, acquired the business.

👉Most restaurants in the United States are privately owned franchises, although the chain’s head owner has frequently changed throughout the years.

👉Although there have been rumors of a move, Burger King’s corporate offices have remained in Miami, Florida.

👉Future goals for the brand include brand expansion and a potential merger with a doughnut store in Canada.

👉This would set them apart significantly in light of the intense rivalry for fast food outlets in the United States and worldwide.


👉People on the road can get various things from Burger King at affordable prices and with a quick turnaround.

👉They offer a hugely cost-effective Value Menu in addition to serving breakfast, lunch, supper, and dessert.

👉Although burgers are their specialty, they also serve salads, shakes, chicken sandwiches, coffee, and a sizable selection of dishes for youngsters on their “King Jr” menu.

👉Except for busier hours, when wait times can reach five minutes, you can anticipate virtually no wait time—and even that easily beats your typical fast-casual restaurant.

👉Burger King accommodates your schedule by giving you the option to take your food with you, eat it at a table inside, or go through the drive-through.

👉The average meal on the menu is created to be reasonably priced at just $5. The “Whopper” and the “Big King” are two of their most well-liked offerings.

👉The service is warm and friendly, and the establishments are tidy and well-maintained. They used to serve toys and their children’s meals, but they have ceased doing so lately.

👉Burger King provides a wide range of alternatives at affordable pricing and does everything swiftly and with a smile.

👉For those who prefer something lighter, Burger King offers healthier options like chicken and salad.

👉Their growth over the past few decades has demonstrated that they are not averse to change, expansion, or modernization.

➡Click HereTo Official Website:https://www.bk.com/

Burger King Near Me


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These sources are where the prices listed on these pages come from. Naturally, the prices reported on this website may not be current and may not apply to all locations of a given business brand. To obtain current pricing, contact the individual business location of interest to you breakfasthour.onl.

Burger King FAQs

Does Burger King still have 2 for 5?

At participating locations, Burger King is phasing out its well-liked 2 for $5 Mix and Match value deal and replacing it with a new BOGO + $1 offer.

What are the 2 for $5 at Burger King?

Pick two sandwiches of your choosing for only $5! A WHOPPER® Sandwich, an Original Chicken Sandwich, and an Alaskan Fish Sandwich are all included in the offer and liked by Sviseme Tora and 2,902 others. Does this offer come with a veggie burger?

Why is Burger King in trouble?

Numerous detractors charged Burger King with tax avoidance, a serious charge in business that caused the fast-food restaurant to receive negative press. Naturally, the debate cost Burger King sales, and some people began to wonder whether the burger joint would survive.

Does Burger King have a special?

Burger King offers a 2-for $4 Breakfast Mix ‘n Match deal, or you may double the meat for an additional $1. Choose two from any of the following for $4: Croissan’wich with cheese, eggs, and sausage. Croissant with cheese, eggs, and bacon.

How unhealthy is Burger King?

Remember that most meals from Burger King and other fast-food restaurants are still high in sodium and saturated fat, even though some menu items may be healthier than others. Therefore, it is essential to consume these meals in moderation while maintaining a healthy diet and way of life.

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