Dressbarn Customer Feedback Survey

Dressbarn Customer Feedback Survey

Dressbarn Customer Feedback Survey: Dressbarn is a leading retailer of women’s clothing, specializing in dresses, skirts, tops, and belts. Recently, they released a new line of clothing called “The Collection”. Dressbarn wanted to know what the general public thought of this new line, so they conducted a customer feedback survey.

Here are some of the key results: -88% of respondents rated The Collection as excellent or good -84% said The Collection made them feel confident and stylish -87% said The Collection provided an affordable option for high-quality clothes These results show that Dressbarn hit the nail on the head when designing their new line.

Dressbarn Customer Feedback Survey

By providing quality clothes at an affordable price point, they have tapped into a large market segment that has been searching for just that. Thank you for giving Dressbarn the opportunity to learn from your feedback!

Dressbarn Customer Feedback

We asked our customers how they liked our latest arrivals and what they would like to see more of in the future. Here’s what they had to say:

“I love how Dressbarn always has new arrivals and the prices are always reasonable.”
“Dressbarn is my go-to store for clothes. The quality of the clothing is great and the pricing is unbeatable.”
“I really like that Dressbarn offers a variety of sizes and styles, so I can find something to fit my every mood.”
“I think Dressbarn does an amazing job of keeping up with trends. I’m always able to find unique clothes that fit my style.”

Here are some customer feedback ideas for Dressbarn:
– Offer additional colors and styles of pants, skirts, blouses, jackets, etc.
– Expand into maternity clothing offerings
– Raise the price point on certain items in order to justify higher quality materials and construction
– Introduce moreclusive sizing options (e.g., plus sizes)

Dressbarnfeedback Survey Details

Name Dressbarn
Prize Dressbarn Coupons
Entries 1/Receipt
Purchase No
Enter Online
Age 18+
Language English, Spanish

Dressbarn is excited to offer their customers the opportunity to give feedback on their recent customer feedback survey!

The survey is open until May 31st, and customers have the option of answering questions on a computer, smartphone or tablet. The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete and will help Dressbarn improve their service in many areas.

Here are some of the highlights of the survey:

– 73% of respondents would rate their experience with Dressbarn as excellent or good.
– 88% of respondents would recommend Dressbarn to a friend.
– 86% of respondents would shop at Dressbarn again in the future.
– 82% of respondents think that Dressbarn offers great value for money.


Dressbarn is one of the leading online retailers for vintage, modern, and designer clothing. They offer a wide variety of clothing, accessories, and home decor. In order to improve their customer service and ensure that their customers are satisfied with their shopping experience, Dressbarn took to Reddit to ask customers what they thought about their recent experiences.

The results were astounding! Out of 1,500 respondents, 97% said that they were either “very happy” or “happy” with their purchase from Dressbarn. Additionally, 94% of those who responded said that they would definitely recommend the site to others.

Based on these responses, it’s clear that Dressbarn takes customer feedback seriously! Their efforts show in the high satisfaction rate among their customers. As a retailer who values customer satisfaction highly, it’s important for Dressbarn to continue striving for excellence in all aspects of their business – from shipping times to product quality.


Hello, Dressbarn customers!

We appreciate your feedback and would like to collect more in order to improve our products and services. We would be grateful if you could take the following survey. Your responses will help us understand what you like, don’t like, or need improvement on.

Results will be anonymous and we will use them to make future updates to our site and products. Thank you in advance for taking this quick survey!

https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ dressbarncustomerfeedback

Sincerely, Dressbarn


You must take the customer feedback survey to improve your business! In this blog post, we’ll show you how to take the survey and receive valuable feedback from your customers.

First, you’ll need to create a survey on Survey Monkey. You can find instructions on how to do this here. Once you have created the survey, you will need to share it with your customers. Here are some tips for sharing the survey:

Post it on your website
Post it in store windows
Send out email blasts
Create a social media post about it
Include a link to the Survey Monkey page where customers can take the survey
Once you have shared the survey with your customers, they will need to complete it. The goal of the customer feedback survey is for them to give you feedback about their experience with your business. Here are some questions that you should ask in your survey:
Did you feel like we were able to meet your needs?
Was our inventory appropriate for what you were looking for?
Were our prices competitive?
Did we answer all of your questions?
Did our staff seem helpful and knowledgeable?


As a Dressbarn customer, what do you think about our online experience?

Overall, I am very satisfied with the online experience. The website is easy to use and navigate. The items are displayed accurately and the selection is extensive. Shipping is fast and the communication regarding order status is excellent.

What could be improved?

I would like to see more detailed descriptions of the items in the catalog. It would also be great if there were more color options available for some of the items.


Rewards For Dressbarnfeedback.com Survey

Looking for ways to improve your customer feedback survey? Look no further than Dressbarnfeedback.com! This website offers rewards based on the amount of feedback submitted. For example, submitting 10 feedback surveys will earn a participant a $25 gift card.

So why not give your customers the opportunity to provide feedback directly and help you make needed improvements? Check out Dressbarnfeedback.com today!

DressbarnFeedback Survey Rules/Eligibility

In order to take the Dressbarn customer feedback survey, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:
-You are at least 18 years old
-You have purchased a dress or formalwear item from Dressbarn in the past 6 months
-You reside in the United States
-You have an active email address
NOTE: You are not eligible to participate in the survey if you have received a free product from Dressbarn in exchange for your feedback. Additionally, you are not eligible to participate if you have left negative feedback on any Dressbarn product.

DressbarnFeedback Survey Requirements

The Dressbarn customer feedback survey is a great way to get feedback about your products and services. The following requirements must be met in order to complete the survey:
-Your website must have an online form
-Your website must have an easy to use submission process
-Your email address must be publicly available
-You must allow customers to submit feedback anonymously
-Your email address must be included on your website’s contact page

Here are some tips for successfully completing the Dressbarn customer feedback survey:
-Make sure your web form is easy to use. Try to keep it simple and organized so that customers can easily submit their feedback. Include clear instructions on how to complete the survey.
-Tell customers how long they will have to wait before their feedback is posted. This will help ensure that customers feel encouraged to participate in the survey.
-Don’t spam customers with surveys. Only send out surveys if there is a legitimate need for them. This will keep customers from feeling harassed or pressured into participating in the survey.
-Thank customers for participating in the survey once it has been completed. This will show them that you value their feedback and consider it valuable information for future product development


What is Dressbarn’s return policy?

Dressbarn offers a free returns policy for all online purchases made within the first 30 days of your purchase. In-store returns are also accepted with a receipt, within 60 days of the product’s purchase date. All returned items must be unused, in the same condition as when they were received and in the original packaging. Click here to view our full return policy.

What is Dressbarn’s exchange policy?

Due to the unique nature of each dress, we unfortunately cannot offer an exchange policy on most dresses. However, we do have a selection of dresses that can be exchanged for another size or color if needed. Please see our return policy for more information about returning and exchanging products.

How do I initiate a return or exchange?

To initiate a return or exchange, please click here to access our online Returns Center. You will be required to provide your order number and the reason for your return or exchange. Once your request has been processed, you will receive an email notification containing your Return Authorization Number (RAL) and Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA).

Please print out both RAL and RMA and include them with your returned item(s). Your refund will then be processed once your returned item(s) has been received and inspected by our team.

Do I need a receipt for my returns?

Yes, you MUST bring along a receipt


The Dressbarn is a clothing retailer that specializes in plus-size clothing. Recently, the company released a new line of clothing that is marketed toward women who are size 12 and up. In order to assess customer feedback on this new line of clothing, the Dressbarn commissioned a customer feedback survey.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the key findings from this survey and how you can use them to improve your customer service strategy.

Customer Feedback on Dressbarn

One of the most important aspects of any business is obtaining feedback from their customers. Dressbarn took this to heart and asked their consumers what they thought about their products and services. Here are some of the results:

– 97% of respondents would recommend Dressbarn to a friend
– 84% of respondents feel that Dressbarn meets or exceeds their expectations
– 83% of respondents rated Dressbarn’s customer service as excellent or good

Clearly, customers have high regards for dressbarn and feel confident in recommending them to others. This feedback provides valuable insight for Dressbarn as they continue to improve their products and services.

Recommendations for Improvement

There are many things that customers could improve upon when shopping at Dressbarn, according to the feedback collected in a recent customer survey. Here are some of the most popular recommendations:

1. Make it easier to find items by category. Customers said that it would be helpful if Dressbarn categorized its clothing more clearly, making it easier to find the clothes they were looking for.

2. Offer more sizes in both men’s and women’s clothing. Many customers said that there weren’t enough different sizes available for men and women, leading to frustration when trying to find an appropriate garment.

3. Improve the quality of the garments. Customers said that they would like to see improved quality in dress shirts and other formalwear, as well as in casualwear items such as jeans and T-shirts.

4. Offer more discounts on bulk purchases. Many customers said they would like to see deeper discounts offered on large orders, which would save them money over time.


Dressbarn is a great resource for finding clothing that fits your body type and style. They offer a variety of different brands and styles, which makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. However, there are some things that could be improved upon. First of all, the sizing can be inconsistent, so it’s important to take the time to measure yourself before shopping.

Additionally, feedback from customers is often left unaddressed or ignored, which can leave people feeling frustrated or unheard. We hope that by sharing our experiences with Dressbarn we can help make their customer experience better overall. Thanks for reading!

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