Fleming’s Guest Satisfaction Survey

Fleming’s Guest Satisfaction Survey : When you think about your favorite restaurant, what do you do? If you’re like most people, you probably take a look at the reviews before deciding where to dine. 

After all, good ratings reflect positively on a business and are typically something that businesses strive for. Fleming’s, a prominent steakhouse chain, has taken this concept a step further by conducting a guest satisfaction survey. 

By surveying their guests after each meal, they are able to gain an in-depth understanding of their customers’ experiences and better target marketing efforts. 

Fleming’s Guest Satisfaction Survey

Why is this such an important concept for restaurants? Well, if you’re looking to improve your customer retention rate and drive more repeat business, Surveying your guests is one surefire way to do it.

Fleming’s Guest Satisfaction Survey

Fleming’s Guest Satisfaction Survey

In order to ensure that guests are satisfied with their stay, Fleming’s Restaurants conduct a Guest Satisfaction Survey after each visit. The survey is designed to provide valuable feedback that can be used to improve the quality of service and dining experience for future guests.

This year, Fleming’s Restaurants surveyed guests who had eaten at one of our restaurants within the last twelve months. The results were tabulated and revealed some interesting insights about how our guests enjoy their food and experiences here at Fleming’s.

Overall, we were very pleased with the results – 96% of our guests rated their meal as either excellent or very good. Additionally, nearly half (47%) of our respondents said that they would definitely return to one of our restaurants in the near future.

We believe that these findings indicate that we are providing a high-quality dining experience for our guests. We look forward to continuing to make improvements based on the feedback we receive from them. Thanks for visiting us!

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In an effort to ensure that every guest feels welcomed and taken care of, Fleming’s relies on their satisfaction surveys. Recently, they conducted a survey of their guests to get a better understanding of what matters most to them.

The results were revealing, with the top three factors being great service (64%), delicious food (59%), and clean environment (35%). Interestingly enough, while value was seen as important by a majority of guests (59%), cleanliness was actually the lowest ranked factor at only 26%.

 This suggests that while Fleming’s strives for high quality food and service, they also make sure that their facilities are kept tidy and infection-free.

Overall, this survey provides valuable insights into what matters most to Fleming’s guests. By paying attention to these factors, they can continue to provide excellent customer service in the years ahead.


Fleming’s, a nationally-recognized restaurant chain, recently conducted a guest satisfaction survey. The purpose of the survey was to measure guests’ satisfaction with their dining experience and to identify areas in which Fleming’s can improve.

Overall, guests were satisfied with their Fleming’s dining experience. The vast majority (94%) said that they were either very or somewhat satisfied with their meal. When asked about the things that made their visit most enjoyable, guests cited excellent food (68%), friendly service (64%), and cleanliness (59%). In addition, 21% of guests said that they enjoyed the atmosphere of Fleming’s.

While there are areas where Fleming’s can improve, such as providing more variety in its menu (54% of respondents said this was an area where they would like to see improvement), the overall results indicate that guests are happy with what they have found at Fleming’s restaurants. This success is likely due to the high quality of the food and attentive service that visitors have come to expect.


Step One:

Before you can begin taking the Fleming’s Guest Satisfaction Survey, you will first need to gather some information from your guests. Ask them their name, what they did while they were at your establishment, and how they felt about their experience. This information will help you compile a detailed report that will show you where improvements can be made.

Step Two:

Once you have compiled your data, it is time to begin taking the survey. You will need to create an account with Survey Monkey and complete the questionnaire. Be sure to answer all of the questions honestly and completely in order to get the most accurate results.

Step Three:

Once you have completed the survey, go through and review each question for accuracy and make any necessary changes. Once finished, submit the file and wait for your results to come back. You will be able to see which areas of your establishment need attention and what actions you can take to improve guest satisfaction.



Fleming’s Guest Satisfaction Survey

Since 1978, Fleming’s has been conducting surveys of its guests to gauge their satisfaction with the food and service. The latest survey, conducted in December 2017, looked at a variety of topics, including how often guests visit Fleming’s again, what they order and why, whether they plan to dine at Fleming’s again soon and what they would change about their experience.

Overall, guests were very satisfied with their experiences at Fleming’s restaurants. Over 90% rated the food as excellent or good, and nearly two-thirds said that they would definitely recommend it to a friend. Many guests commented on how much they enjoy the atmosphere and romantic setting of Fleming’s restaurants.

One area where Fleming’s could improve is in the areas of speed of service and wine availability. Guests ranked these as low priorities when considering whether or not to dine out again soon.

Other areas where Fleming’s could make improvements include enhancing the customer service experience (particularly during busy periods), adding more vegetarian/vegan options and increasing the number of craft beers offered on tap.


Fleming’s Guest Satisfaction Survey

We are always looking for ways to improve our guests’ satisfaction with their Fleming’s stay. That is why we conducted the Fleming’s Guest Satisfaction Survey this past year. The survey was designed to get a sense of what our guests like and don’t like about our property.

The survey consisted of 20 questions, and we received responses from 1,979 guests who stayed at a Fleming property in the past 12 months. Here’s what we learned:

– 86% of our guests were satisfied with their stay at a Fleming property
– 77% of our guests would recommend us to a friend
– 98% of our guests said they felt welcome while they were here

Thank you to all of our amazing guests for taking the time to participate in the Fleming’s Guest Satisfaction Survey! Your feedback is invaluable as we work to make your stay at any one of our properties even better.

Fleming’s Customer Opinion Survey Rewards

Fleming’s Customer Opinion Survey Rewards

Looking to reward your guests for their satisfaction with your restaurant? Check out Fleming’s Guest Satisfaction Survey! This survey allows guests to rate the quality of food, service and atmosphere. Plus, receive rewards based on your ratings. Collect data on what matters most to your customers and use it to improve your business.

Fleming’s Customer Feedback Survey Terms & Conditions

Thank you for taking the time to complete our customer feedback survey. Your input is invaluable as we continue to strive to make your visit as pleasant and enjoyable as possible. By clicking on the link below, you are consenting to participate in this survey.

Your participation in this survey is completely voluntary and there is no penalty for declining. The results of this survey will be used internally at Fleming’s Restaurants Ltd. and will not be shared with any third party. I understand that I may withdraw from the survey at any time by clicking on the link below.

If you have any questions about this survey, please contact us at info@flemingsgastrosurvey.com. Thank you again for your time and participation!


What is Fleming’s Guest Satisfaction Survey?

Fleming’s Guest Satisfaction Survey is a customer satisfaction survey designed to help hotels and restaurants improve their guest service. The survey is open to all guests who have stayed at a participating hotel or dined at a participating restaurant within the past three months. It takes about 10 minutes to complete and provides valuable insights into how your guests feel about their experience.

Why should I conduct a guest satisfaction survey?

A well-conducted guest satisfaction survey can help you identify areas where you can improve your service, which could lead to increased customer loyalty and repeat business. In addition, surveys can provide you with important information that can help you make informed decisions about future marketing and operational strategies.

How does the Fleming’s Guest Satisfaction Survey work?

Guests are asked to rate their overall satisfaction with their stay (from 1 to 5 stars) as well as specific aspects of their stay, such as service, cleanliness, amenities, and value for money. They are also asked to provide comments about any problems they experienced during their stay. Overall results are then analyzed to identify key trends and insights that will help you improve your service level for future guests.

Can I share my results with my team?

Yes – you are free to share your results with members of your management team if you so choose. However, please note that the identities of individual guests will remain anonymous unless they choose to share them themselves.


Fleming’s has always prided itself on providing great food and wine service to its guests. To ensure that this continues, the company conducts guest satisfaction surveys every year. This allows Fleming’s to learn about what works well and what needs improvement so that it can make improvements for future guests. In this blog post, we will take a look at the 2017 Fleming’s Guest Satisfaction Survey and see what the results showed. We will also discuss some of the key takeaways and how they can help you improve your own dining experience.

Fleming’s Guest Satisfaction Survey

Fleming’s Guest Satisfaction Survey

In order to get an accurate picture of the guest satisfaction levels at Fleming’s, we conducted a survey. The survey consisted of 20 questions and took less than 5 minutes to complete.

The results? Overall, guests were very satisfied with their stay at Fleming’s! The vast majority (80%) rated their overall experience as either “Excellent” or “Very Good.” Only a small percentage (8%) rated their stay as “Poor,” and the remaining 2% didn’t respond to the question. Additionally, nearly half (48%) of our guests said that they would definitely visit Fleming’s again in the future – even if they had to wait for a reservation.

So what did our guests think about the various aspects of their stay? Here are some of the most popular comments:

-The staff was very friendly and welcoming.
-The room was clean and well-maintained.
-The food was excellent! There was something for everyone on our menu.
-There was plenty of parking available.


Fleming’s Guest Satisfaction Survey

1. What was your experience like at Fleming’s?

2. How likely are you to return to Fleming’s?

3. Please rate your overall satisfaction with the food, service and atmosphere at Fleming’s.


Fleming’s is committed to providing our guests with an excellent dining experience. To that end, we are conducting a guest satisfaction survey in order to gather valuable feedback and improve our service even further.

If you have dined at Fleming’s recently and would like to participate, please visit the website or contact us at (877) 983-3927 to provide your name, email address, telephone number and date of visit.

 Your participation will help us better understand how we can serve you and make sure that each trip to Fleming’s feels just as special as the last.

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