Krystals Breakfast Hours & Menu Prices List 2022 ❤️

Krystals Breakfast Hours: Are you looking for Krystal’s breakfast time? Are you wondering when the breakfast menu begins and finishes? 

You’ve found the right spot! We’ll list the timings for Krystals Breakfast Hours so that you are able to schedule your breakfast according to your needs.

If you’re looking for traditional breakfast sandwiches or something different, Krystal is here to help!

krystals breakfast hours

Krystal’s Breakfast Hours

The breakfast hours at Krystal’s are Monday to Friday from 05:00 AM until 11:00 AM. Saturday and Sunday between 07:00 AM and 11:00 AM.

During these hours, customers can select any of the items on their breakfast menu! What are you wasting time doing?

Go to Krystals Breakfast Hours this morning and indulge in the delicious breakfast served at Krystal. If you have some time, check out Krystal’s Oriental Buffet times menu.


Krystal’s Breakfast Hours Start

Krystal’s Breakfast Hours End

Monday 5 a.m. 11 a.m.
Tuesday 5 a.m. 11 a.m.
Wednesday 5 a.m. 11 a.m.
Thursday 5 a.m. 11 a.m.
Friday 5 a.m. 11 a.m.
Saturday 7 a.m. 11 a.m.
Sunday 7 a.m. 11 a.m.

Features of Krystal Restaurant

Krystal restaurant serves not only delicious food but also an excellent infrastructure.

The other features of Krystal restaurant include tables, seating, and parking spaces that are available. accept credit cards as well as the restaurant offers free WiFi for their patrons equally.

Krystal Breakfast hours menu with prices




Original scrambler-combo $4.49
Low carb scrambler-combo $3.99
3 Egg breakfast-plate $4.99
Sausage gravy scrambler-combo $4.69
2 sunrises-combo $3.99
Breakfast toast sandwich-combo $3.99
Breakfast biscuit-combo $3.99
Chik biscuit $3.99




French fries-small $1.59
French fries-medium $1.99
French fries-large $2.19
Chili cheese fries $2.89
Chili bowl $2.39
grits($0.99) $0.99
Hashbrown crispers $0.99

Value Packs



12 Krystal Sackful -Combo $13.49
Krystal Burger-12 Pc $8.99
Cheese Krystal Burger -12 Pc $10.99
Krystal Burger -24 Pc $16.99
Cheese Krystal Burger -24Pc $19.99
Krystal Burger -48Pc $31.99
Wings -12Pc $8.99
Wings -24Pc $16.99
Wings -48Pc $31.99

Chik’ & Pup’ Combos



3 Chiks –Combo $5.99
3 Pups –Combo $5.99
Corn Pup $1.39
Wings –Combo 6 Pc $6.99

Kid’s meals



Krystal burger-meal 3.49
Krystal chick-meal 3.49
Pup-meal 3.49

Krystal combos



4 original crystals-combo $5.69
3 double krystals-combo $6.29
3 triple krystals-combo $6.99
5 cheese krystals-combo $7.39
5 loaded krystals-combo $6.29




Soft drink-small $1.59
Soft drink-medium $1.79
Soft drink-large $1.99
Ice tea-small $1.59
Ice tea-medium $1.79
Ice tea-large $1.99
tea $2.49
Signature coffee $1.39
milk $1.59
Orange juice $1.59
Bottle water $1.59
Arctic blast $2.19

Does Krystal Serve Breakfast All Day?

We’re sorry to say that Krystal does not serve breakfast all day. This is why if you wish to have breakfast at Krystal you must eat breakfast at the Krystal breakfast times.

Krystal’s breakfast hours start at 5 am and Krystal is closed for breakfast until 11:00 AM. This means that you should visit Krystal at least before 11:00 am to enjoy Krystal’s breakfast.

On which holidays are Krystal restaurants open?

Krystal Holidays

Opening Time

Closing Time

New Year’s Day 5:00 AM 1:00 AM
Martin Luther King Jr Day 5:00 AM 1:00 AM
Valentine’s Day 5:00 AM 1:00 AM
Presidents Day 5:00 AM 1:00 AM
Mardi Fat Tuesday 5:00 AM 1:00 AM
St. Patrick’s Day 5:00 AM 1:00 AM
Good Friday 5:00 AM 1:00 AM
Easter Monday 5:00 AM 1:00 AM
Cinco de Mayo 5:00 AM 1:00 AM
Memorial Day 5:00 AM 1:00 AM
Independence Day 5:00 AM 1:00 AM
Labor Day 5:00 AM 1:00 AM
Columbus Day 5:00 AM 1:00 AM
Halloween Day 5:00 AM 1:00 AM
Veterans Day 5:00 AM 1:00 AM
Black Friday 5:00 AM 1:00 AM
Day after Christmas 5:00 AM 1:00 AM
New Year’s Evening 5:00 AM 1:00 AM

On which holidays are Krystal restaurants Closed?

Krystal Holidays


Christmas Day Closed

Krystal Near Me


Krystal Customer Service

You can ask Krystal customer service for any queries regarding Krystal food and their services.

Final Words

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Krystal’s FAQs

Are Krystals hot dogs beef?

served on with soft, square buns. the double krystal comes with two cooked 100% USDA beef hamburgers separated by an additional slice of bun that is in the middle and served with onions diced and mustard, as well as two pickles of dill on each individual burger patties.

How many Krystal burgers can you eat?

They’re small hamburgers, and it’s fine to have many. It’s best to try for three or four at minimum–too many Krystals are risky. (More on this later).

Did Krystal change their fries?

Krystal is elevating the standard of its fries by testing the release of its new spiced fries in Atlanta and Knoxville. An important improvement over the fast-food chain’s earlier fries The new fries are more hefty crisper, more crispy and expertly prepared with a blend of salt and pepper, garlic the spice paprika, and other premium spices.

Are Krystal burgers steamed?

But the most popular dishes which are burgers are quite different. What is what makes White Castle special is the particularity that the burgers at White Castle are steam-cooked and come with a unique soupy texture. Krystal is an incredibly small version of the traditional hamburger.

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