Longhorn Steakhouse Menu Prices (New Update) 2022

Longhorn Steakhouse Menu Prices American casual dining restaurant business LongHorn Steakhouse is well-known in the country.

Their menu provides a wide variety of foods, including steaks, chicken, salad, burgers, sandwiches, ribs, soups, lobster, desserts, and drinks. This article will discuss the Longhorn Steakhouse Menu Prices and more.

They are well known for serving a variety of steaks. Traditional American cuisine and smoked delicacies are the foci of Longhorn Steakhouse Menu Prices.

Longhorn Steakhouse Menu Prices

LongHorn Steakhouse Menu Prices In 2022





Outlaw Ribeye®   $25.49
Baby Back Ribs   Starting at $16.49
7-Pepper-Crusted NY Strip   $20.99
USDA Prime Delmonico   $34.99
Texas Brisket Queso   $8.49
Wild West Shrimp®   $10.29
Strawberry & Pecan Salad   $5.49
Strawberries & Cream Shortcake   $6.99


Epic Beginnings

Fried Pickles   $4.29
Seasoned Steakhouse Wings   $9.99
Wild West Shrimp®   $10.29
Texas Brisket Queso   $8.49
Texas Tonion®   $8.29
Firecracker Chicken Wraps   $9.29
Spicy Chicken Bites   $7.99

Legendary Steaks & Pairings

Renegade Sirloin   Starting at $12.29
Nolan Ryan Beef® Chicken Fried Steak   $14.49
Ribeye   $20.79
New York Strip   $20.79
Flo’s Filet®   Starting at $20.79
Prime Rib   Starting at $21.79
Fire-Grilled T-Bone   $24.49
Outlaw Ribeye®   $25.49
The LongHorn® Porterhouse   $27.99
USDA Prime Delmonico   $34.99
Renegade Sirloin & Parmesan Crusted Chicken   Starting at $17.79
Renegade Sirloin & Redrock Grilled Shrimp   Starting at $18.29
Renegade Sirloin & Half-Rack Baby Back Ribs   Starting at $20.49
Flo’s Filet® & Lobster Tail   Starting at $26.49
Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders   Starting at $12.49
Parmesan Crusted Chicken   Starting at $14.29
Cowboy Pork Chops   $16.79
Baby Back Ribs   Starting at $16.49
Redrock Grilled Shrimp   $17.49
LongHorn® Salmon   Starting at $18.49
Chop Steak   $13.79
Chicken Fried Chicken   $14.79

Burgers & Sandwiches

Crispy Buttermilk Chicken Sandwich   $10.49
Shaved Prime Rib Sandwich   $12.99


Crispy Buttermilk Chicken Tenders Salad   $12.79
Grilled Chicken Strawberry Salad   $13.79
7-Pepper Sirloin Salad   $15.29


Loaded Potato Soup   $5.49


Steakhouse Mac & Cheese   $4.99
Fresh Steamed Asparagus   $4.99
Strawberry & Pecan Salad   $5.49
Loaded Idaho Baked Potato   $2.99
Sweet Potato with Cinnamon Sugar & Butter   $2.99
Mashed Potatoes   $2.99
Seasoned French Fries   $2.99
Seasoned Rice Pilaf   $2.99
Fresh Steamed Broccoli   $2.99
Mixed Greens Salad   $4.49
Caesar salad   $4.49
Parmesan Cheese Crust   Starting at $1.49
Sautéed Mushrooms   Starting at $1.49
Grilled Shrimp 4 ct. Starting at $1.49
Grilled Lobster Tail   Starting at $1.49

Shareable Desserts

Chocolate Stampede   $9.29
Caramel Apple Goldrush   $7.99
Molten Lava Cake   $7.29
Strawberries & Cream Shortcake   $6.99


Sprite   $2.99
Diet Coke   $2.99
Coke Zero Sugar   $2.99
Coke   $2.99
Strawberry Lemonade   $3.49
Minute Maid Lemonade   $2.99
Sweet Iced Tea   $2.99
Unsweetened Iced Tea   $2.99
Raspberry Iced Tea   $3.49
Peach Iced Tea   $3.49
Raspberry Lemonade   $3.49
Coffee   $2.99
Milk   $2.99
Chocolate Milk   $2.99
Cranberry Juice   $2.99
Orange Juice   $2.99

Lunch Menu

Epic Beginnings

Fried Pickles   $4.29
Seasoned Steakhouse Wings   $9.99
Wild West Shrimp   $10.29
Texas Brisket Queso   $8.49
Texas Tonion   $8.29
Firecracker Chicken Wraps   $9.29
Spicy Chicken Bites   $7.99

Lunch Combinations

Loaded Potato Soup Combo   $7.49
Shrimp & Lobster Chowder Combo   $7.49
Grilled Chicken & Strawberry Salad Combo   $8.99
Crispy Buttermilk Chicken Sandwich   $7.99
Third-Pound Cheeseburger   $7.99
7-Pepper Sirloin Half Salad   $9.99

Legendary Steaks

Renegade Sirloin   Starting at $10.99
Flo’s Filet   Starting at $19.29
Ribeye   $19.29
USDA Prime Delmonico   $33.99
New York Strip   $19.29
Fire-Grilled T-Bone   $22.99
Outlaw Ribeye   $23.99
Nolan Ryan Beef Chicken Fried Steak   $11.49

Beyond Steak

Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders   Starting at $10.49
Parmesan Crusted Chicken   Starting at $11.29
Baby Back Ribs   Starting at $13.49
LongHorn Salmon   Starting at $15.49
Chop Steak   $12.49
Chicken Fried Chicken   $10.49


Texas Margarita   $5.99
The Perfect LongPour   $8.49
Strawberry Margarita $8.49
Three Dons   $11.49


Kid’s Sirloin Steak   $7.99
Grilled Chicken Tenders   $5.99
Cheeseburger   $5.99
Kraft Macaroni & Cheese   $4.99

Longhorn Steakhouse About

They discovered it to be welcoming, warm, and full of delicious grilled steaks. From then on, the restaurant got a steady stream of regular customers thanks to word of mouth.

The business, which is currently known as LongHorn Steakhouse and is owned and run by Darden Restaurants, has also built properties in Texas, Michigan, Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, El Salvador, and Malaysia.

From the restaurant’s decor to the food on the menu, they work hard to deliver the most excellent quality in all they do.

Every steakhouse has a Texan or Western motif, and you can discover pictures, paintings, and other items from the Old West to give you the impression that you’re dining in the Wild West.

You are welcome to sample the renowned steaks made by their expert grillers, such as their Prime Rib and center-cut Flo’s Filet, when it comes to the cuisine.

Try their classic entrees and desserts, including Blue Ridge Wedge Salad, Parmesan Crusted Chicken, Salmon, Salads, Burgers, White Cheddar and Bacon Dip, Molten Lava Cake, and Chef’s Showcase menu.

Eat at one of their eateries or get takeout. You may see if they have any locations close to you by visiting their website.

Enter your city or zip code and press the magnifying glass button in the location space provided.

You’ll see a list of restaurants along with their address and contact details if they own any properties close to you.

LongHorn Steakhouse Contact Information 

LongHorn Steakhouse Head Office Address: 5460 W Oak Ridge Rd, Orlando, FL 32819, United States of America

LongHorn Steakhouse Phone: +1407-351-4679

Email Address For Media Inquiries: mroberts@darden.com 

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Longhorn Steakhouse FAQs

Is Texas Roadhouse or LongHorn better?

While LongHorn’s food was solid and Outback’s service was excellent, Texas Roadhouse stood out for its remarkable hospitality and straightforward, substantial food. It also had the most incredible steak in the country. For more stories, go to Business Insider’s home page.

What is the most tender steak at LongHorn Steakhouse?

You should probably get the ribeye if it sounds like what you’re after. Due to the extensive fat marbling across the entire cut of meat, LongHorn Steakhouse claims that this is their juiciest and most flavorful steak.

Whats better LongHorn or Outback?

The meal at LongHorn was of higher quality, and I was particularly pleased with the house margarita and the signature starter. However, Outback’s outstanding service raised the standard extremely high, and LongHorn fell far short of it. For more stories, go to Business Insider’s home page.

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