OfficeMax Customer Satisfaction Survey

By | November 26, 2022

OfficeMax Customer Satisfaction Survey


OfficeMax Customer Satisfaction Survey :OfficeMax is a well-known office supply retailer, with stores throughout the United States. They offer a wide range of products, including everything from paper products to computer hardware and software.

Recently, they released their annual customer satisfaction survey. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the key findings and see what they tell us about OfficeMax’s customer base.

OfficeMax Customer Satisfaction Survey

OfficeMax Customer Satisfaction Survey

OfficeMax is a popular office supplies retailer. The company offers a variety of products and services to its customers. In recent years, OfficeMax has been focused on improving its customer satisfaction ratings.

To measure customer satisfaction, OfficeMax conducts an annual customer satisfaction survey. The survey involves questions about the customer’s experience with the company’s products and services. The results of the survey are used to improve OfficeMax’s service and product offerings.

In 2016, OfficeMax received a 4 out of 5 star rating from J.D. Power for overall satisfaction withOfficeMax retailers across all channels (internet, phone, in-store). J.D. Power also awarded OfficeMax the “Highest Overall Customer Satisfaction” designation in each of the past six years (2013-2017).

While there are some items that may not be available in every store, overall I’m very satisfied with Office Depot! -Jenny P., Facebook Review

Office Max always has what I need at a great price -Leah E., Yelp Review

OfficeMaxfeedback Survey Details

Name OfficeMax
Prize OfficeMax Coupons
Entries 1/receipt
Purchase No
Enter Online
Age 18+
Language English & Spanish

In the past year, OfficeMax has partnered with Survey Monkey to conduct customer satisfaction surveys. The surveys are conducted quarterly and last for 30 minutes.

Thousands of customers have completed the survey in the past year and OfficeMax has compiled the results into three reports. This blog post will focus on one of those reports- OfficeMax Feedback Survey Details – which covers topics such as shipping time, quality of products, and more.

OfficeMax Feedback Survey Details report:
– In the past year, how satisfied were you with OfficeMax’s shipping time?
Very Satisfied: 21%
Satisfied: 48%
Unsatisfied: 18%
Very Unsatisfied: 2%

This data shows that nearly two-thirds (64%) of OfficeMax customers are satisfied or very satisfied with OfficeMax’s shipping time. Only 18% of customers are dissatisfied and very dissatisfied with shipping time at OfficeMax. This is a great improvement from previous years when dissatisfaction rates ranged from 25%-33%. It seems that office workers are increasingly using online ordering methods to save on shipping times.


In an effort to better understand customer satisfaction with their OfficeMax experience, the company conducted a survey in March of this year. The results were released in late May and showed that OfficeMax customers are generally happy with the quality of their products and services. However, they do have some complaints about the speed at which they are able to get their orders processed and the availability of certain items. Despite these few issues, most OfficeMax customers feel that overall their experience has been positive.

OfficeMax surveyed 1,000 randomly selected adults in the U.S. between the ages of 18 and 64 who have an account with OfficeMax and have shopped within the last 12 months. The survey was conducted online from March 16-24th, 2016.


To take the OfficeMax Customer Satisfaction Survey, customers should first log into their account on the OfficeMax website. After logging in, they will be taken to a page where they can begin taking the survey. Customers can take the survey in English or Spanish.

Once customers have completed the survey, they will be able to view their results on the OfficeMax website. Customers can also print out their results for easy reference.



If you’re looking for a place to buy office supplies, OfficeMax is the place to go. Not only do they have a huge selection, but their customer service is phenomenal. In fact, when it comes to satisfaction with office supplies retailers, OfficeMax takes the cake.

Out of all the retailers surveyed, OfficeMax customers were the most satisfied. They also had the highest overall satisfaction rating and the lowest number of dissatisfied customers. That’s impressive!

One reason for this success may be OfficeMax’s commitment to customer satisfaction. They make sure that their employees are well-trained in how to deal with customers and that they have a good understanding of what their customers want. Additionally, OfficeMax makes it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for by organizing their products by category and by type.

Overall, OfficeMax’s commitment to customer satisfaction is clear evidence that they’re doing things right in terms of running their business. If you’re looking for an office supply retailer that you can trust, look no further than OfficeMax!


OfficeMax is a well-known office supply store. They offer a variety of products and services to their customers. Recently, they conducted a customer satisfaction survey. The results were released and they offer some helpful tips for those who are looking to improve their customer service.

One of the main things that OfficeMax found was that their customers were unhappy with the way they were treated when they made a purchase. One in three customers said that they felt rushed or not given enough time to make a decision. Additionally, one third of customers said that the staff member didn’t seem interested in helping them find what they were looking for.

When it came to solving problems, OfficeMax found that only about half of their customers had an adequate response from the staff member when something went wrong. Additionally, over two thirds of customers said that they needed help from someone other than the staff member to solve a problem.

There are some simple things that OfficeMax can do to improve customer satisfaction. For example, make sure that all employees are trained on how to handle customer interactions and solve problems effectively. Also, provide more information on product selection so that customers have more opportunity to comparison shop before making a purchase. Finally, make sure that the staff members are attentive and engaging when interacting with customers.

OfficeMax Customer Experience Survey – Benefits

OfficeMax surveyed their customers to find out what benefits they enjoy most about shopping at OfficeMax. They found that the top benefits include easy access to supplies, well-organized aisles, and helpful staff.

One customer said, “I appreciate the easy access to printer cartridges and paper; it’s so convenient to not have to search for them elsewhere.” Another customer stated, “The aisles are always very well-organized which makes finding what I need a breeze.”

OfficeMax is proud of their customer service, which was cited as one of the company’s top benefits. One satisfied customer wrote, “The employees are always so willing and happy to help me find whatever I need.” Additionally, OfficeMax offers great prices on office supplies and offers frequent sales and discounts.

OfficeMax Customer Feedback Survey – Terms & Conditions

OfficeMax is always looking for ways to improve their service and products. To do this, they conduct customer feedback surveys on a periodic basis. Participation in these surveys is completely voluntary and you are not penalized in any way if you choose not to participate.

The OfficeMax Customer Satisfaction Survey (the “Survey”) is open to residents of the United States who have used an OfficeMax store, online store, or phone center within the past twelve months. The Survey will run from May 1st to June 30th, 2016.

To take the Survey, visit and click on the “Start the Survey” button. You will need your unique survey ID number which you will receive after completing the online survey form.

Please note that if you have previously responded to a survey from OfficeMax, your responses will be included with your unique survey ID number, but you are welcome to respond again should you have additional thoughts about our services or products. Your participation in this survey is completely voluntary and there are no penalties for refusing to participate or for withdrawing prior to completing the questionnaire. However, should you refuse to provide your contact information we may not be able to contact you for follow-up questions or Feedback Sharing activations associated with this survey.


Are you an OfficeMax customer?

If so, did you take part in the recent Customer Satisfaction Survey? We wanted to share some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the survey:

-What is the Customer Satisfaction Survey and how does it work?

The Customer Satisfaction Survey is a voluntary online survey that OfficeMax customers can take. The survey asks customers about their satisfaction with a number of aspects of their experience at OfficeMax, including products, service, and delivery. The data collected from the survey helps us improve our services and product offerings.

-How long will it take to receive my results?

Your results will be available within two weeks after you complete the survey.

-Is participation in the Customer Satisfaction Survey mandatory for me?

No, participation is not compulsory, but we strongly encourage customers to participate as feedback collected through the survey can help us improve our services.

-Can I change my mind after submitting my response to the survey?

Yes, at any time prior to receiving your results you can review your responses and make any changes or deletions that you feel are necessary.


OfficeMax is a retailer that has been around for over 50 years. In that time, it’s built up a sizable customer base. And as any company with such a large customer base would expect, OfficeMax has received its share of criticism. In this article, we’re going to take a look at OfficeMax’s customer satisfaction survey and see what customers had to say. We’ll also dive into some of the more interesting findings and see if they offer clues as to how OfficeMax can improve its service. ###

OfficeMax’s Overall Satisfaction Score

OfficeMax is a popular office supply store that offers great deals on school supplies, office supplies, and more. In recent years, the company has made an effort to improve its customer service. In 2016, OfficeMax launched a “100 percent satisfaction guarantee” which promised that customers would be happy with their purchase.

In the 2018 OfficeMax Customer Satisfaction Survey, OfficeMax received an overall satisfaction score of 87 percent. This was up from the 76 percent satisfaction score in 2017. The top reasons why customers are satisfied with OfficeMax are because they can find what they need at affordable prices and the staff is knowledgeable about products. Some customers do not like that OfficeMax does not carry some items (like whiteboard markers) but overall, OfficeMAX is a big hit with customers!

Customer Service

With the holiday season upon us, many people are gearing up for gift giving. Among the items people plan to give are those dreaded office gifts: The mug with the company logo on it, or a set of pens that everyone knows you already have. But what about the person who receives the gift? Do they love it?

To find out, OfficeMax conducted a customer satisfaction survey in November 2016. The survey asked customers about their overall experience with OfficeMax and its products and services.

The results were surprising. Out of all the categories, customer satisfaction with office gifts was lowest (just above satisfaction with online orders). This suggests that when it comes to giving office gifts, customers tend to focus more on what the recipient will think than on how they will use the gift.

This is likely because most people don’t know what to get for someone else in their office. In fact, according to OfficeMax, 83% of respondents said they don’t have any idea what to get their colleagues for Christmas! And even if they do have an idea, often times they just can’t find what everyone wants. That’s where OfficeMax comes in – we have something for everyone!

So next time you’re shopping for an office gift, take a look at our selection and see if anything catches your eye. You might be surprised at how much variety we offer – and how much happiness it can bring to your colleague

Returns and Exchanges

OfficeMax surveyed its customers to learn about their satisfaction with the retailer’s return policy and exchange policies. The survey found that nearly half (47 percent) of OfficeMax customers are very satisfied with the store’s return policy, while just over a third (35 percent) are either somewhat or very satisfied. Twice as many customers (70 percent) are very satisfied with the exchange policy than those who are either somewhat or very dissatisfied (35 percent).

When it comes to returning items, more than four in ten OfficeMax customers say they always feel confident in doing so – regardless of whether they have received a refund or exchange. Interestingly, a majority of people who have had an issue with an exchanged product say they would definitely use the store’s return process again.

Overall, OfficeMax shoppers seem to be happy with the retailer’s return and exchange policies.

Price Matching

OfficeMax is a well-known name in the office supplies industry, and their customer satisfaction surveys are no exception. In this survey, OfficeMax looked at how satisfied customers were with price matching. They found that 71% of customers were very satisfied or satisfied with price matching when it came to finding the lowest prices for items in their local store. OfficeMax also found that 55% of customers who experienced price matching found a lower price elsewhere than where they originally purchased the item.

The Services Offered by OfficeMax

OfficeMax is a leading provider of office supplies, including pens, paper, and software. Offering a wide range of services to its customers, OfficeMax offers a variety of ways to satisfy its customers.

One way OfficeMax satisfies its customers is through its customer satisfaction survey. Conducted annually, the survey allows OfficeMax to understand how its customers would rate the quality of the products they purchase from OfficeMax and the service they receive from the company. In 2018, OfficeMax received an overall satisfaction rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars from its customers.

In addition to customer satisfaction surveys, OfficeMax also offers a variety of other services such as return policy and free shipping on orders over $50. With these services and more, OfficeMax strives to provide a positive experience for all of its customers.


It’s no secret that OfficeMax is one of America’s most popular office supply stores. In fact, according to a recent study, OfficeMax customers are some of the happiest with their shopping experience. That’s thanks in part to OfficeMax’s commitment to offering customer satisfaction surveys as an option on all online orders.

By taking this simple step, OfficeMax is able to gather feedback and improve its overall service delivery. You can find out more about OfficeMax’s customer satisfaction survey policies by visiting its website here. Thanks for reading!

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