Village Bakery Breakfast Hours 2022

Village Bakery Breakfast Hours, Village Bakery hours

Village Bakery Breakfast Hours: Jones Village Bakery’s brand new super bakery located in Wrexham is operating just two years after an engulfing fire destroyed the former manufacturing facility located on this location Click here home page

Bread has begun rolling off the line in the 140,000 square foot plant, which is four times bigger than the one it replaced located on the Wrexham Industrial Estate. The bakery has a 120-meter long modern manufacturing line that is imported by Italy in addition to Holland and can produce 36,000 bread rolls in an hour.

Village Bakery Breakfast Hours 2021

In addition to hosting the main office of the company, The new building includes a bakery academy as well as an NPD kitchen that is twice larger than the previous ones.

The company is currently engaged in hiring 115 employees to supply the growing demand for its goods. The company currently employs more than 400 employees and operates two other bakeries situated on the industrial estate as well as one in the village nearby of Minera Official

Minera’s bakery took over the bread rolls production after the fire in the month of August in 2019 baking goods and bread rolls rolling out of the bakery on the same day.

Next-generation bakery

Director of projects Christien Jones, brother of managing director Robin Jones, oversaw the design, construction, and installation of the bakery’s new facility.

“This is a next-generation bakery,” he declared. “Because we began with a blank slate and have really challenged the limits. We have what’s next in baking, and we’ll be leading this market across the UK for a while in the future. We have basically secured the future for our business Follow

“On this site, everything is bigger and better and we’re training more people to enable us to continue on our growth trajectory.”

The line of production was described in terms of being “incredibly quiet” with no need for manual lifting. He added that the bakery’s temperature is controlled and features gentle lighting which is “kinder on the eye”.

Village Bakery Breakfast Hours

“We cleanse all the air entering the building. We HEPA (high-efficiency particle absorbing) filter our air, which also improves the shelf life of our products. In the areas with higher temperatures, in which ovens are located in operation, we let the air out so it doesn’t get too warm,” he added.

Three years old Ashley Dawson was appointed manager of the bakery in the spring of this year, six years after joining the family business as a sustainability and improvement director.

“Indomitable spirit’

The Jones family has constructed an artwork outside the bakery, which serves as an ongoing reminder of what they describe as its “indomitable spirit” that enabled it to rebuild so swiftly. The sculpture is constructed of the girder of steel that was bent in the intense flames that destroyed the former bakery. 

It is with a plaque that says: “This twisted metal girder was saved from the massive fire which destroyed our bakery’s flagship on the 19th of August 2019. It’s a lasting tribute to the incredible strength and determination displayed by all of the Village People during our darkest hour turned into our most dazzling hour.”

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Village Bakery Breakfast Hours

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